The Challenge

Swerhone Architecture waited for several months for their original web designer to complete their website. In the end, the designer abandoned the project. We spoke with them about their goals regarding their online presence and looked at the storyboards they created to explain the design they were after.

They needed a site that presented their work to the public at large in a logical and aesthetic way. The main goal being the acquisition of new clients. They also wanted guidance on how to use the WordPress dashboard for their site.

The Solution

We kept a couple of things in mind from start to finish:

  • Since they had already waited months for a website that never materialized, time was of the essence
  • The site really needed to grab potential clients’ attention right from the start

We began by explaining the flexibility and fast development time provided by the Divi framework which we would use to build the new site. Following their storyboards as a starting point, we designed a large beautiful site with logical navigation and proceeded to build its 90+ pages. Our geographical separation of 94 miles was not an obstacle. Throughout the process, we held meetings with the client via Skype.

After the majority of the site was built, it still needed something to grab a visitor’s attention. We discovered that the Owner/Principal Architect, Derrick Swerhone, had some video footage of himself working on a drawing. We used some of this footage, in a repeating loop, as the background for the homepage. After the final approvals on the site build, we held one-on-one tutoring sessions via Skype to get Mr. Swerhone up to speed on the operation of his new site.

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