McNeal Tire and Auto – Company Research

The Challenge

The owner of McNeal Tire & Auto contacted us for help with some company research. He needed to find the best inventor services company to get his invention patented, without getting overcharged or having his idea stolen.

The Solution

In order to answer the research question, we first did some general background research on patents and inventor support companies. This allowed us to then establish a set of metrics to evaluate each of the seven companies we looked at. We were then able to systematically evaluate the companies and eliminate any that did not meet basic criteria. Finally, we were able to compare the remaining six companies to select the best one for the client.

After completing the research, we created a report detailing the process and the results. While we were able to identify the best candidate to get his invention patented and market it to manufacturers, we recommended that he wait until his idea was more fleshed out before seeking the services of that company. We also recommended that he seek a business professional or MBA student to do some marketability analysis, before hiring them.

In the end, we saved the client a lot of time and possibly thousands of dollars.

Page 4 of the final report includes selection criteria:

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